Why Buy Pure Zeolite Drops ?

PURE ZEOLITE DROPS enhanced with DHQ is a dietary supplement preferred by many cancer patients, cancer survivors as well as healthy children and adults.

PURE ZEOLITE DROPS enhanced with DHQ is recommended and sold by many physicians and healthcare practitioners worldwide. Don't waste your money on inferior copy-cat formulas, even ones that claims to be more potent yet lack all it's essential ingredients!

Pure Zeolite Drops™ help support and modulate your immune system and reduces toxic overload by removing toxins, chemicals, mercury and other toxic heavy metals. Pure Zeolite Drops™ are a new, improved and richer extra-strength formulation which is enhanced with DHQ (a unique powerful antioxidant).

Many other brands use fragmented zeolite particles (broken damaged zeolite lattice structure), hydrated zeolite, hydrolyzed zeolite, water-soluble zeolite, nano zeolite (all unproven to be efficient at broad-spectrum heavy metal, chemical, toxin attraction and removal). These competitor brands also use harsh chemicals, hydrochloric acids, solvents and/or high heat treatment methods to produce their products.

Zeolite Associates’ Natural Intracellular Zeolite Drops utilize time-tested nearly 19 years on the market proven results-driven, industry-leading advanced proprietary natural holistic manufacturing process of using natural organic supplement-grade humic/fulvic minerals (highly regarded supplement-grade mediums) which enable the zeolite to penetrate cells readily. Making Pure Zeolite Drops™ the purest, cleanest, most efficient zeolite liquid product period, for attracting and removal mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, other toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins on the market today. Pure Zeolite Drops™ are also 10x - 100x more efficient than micronized zeolite powder.

Pure Zeolite Drops™ are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in an FDA licensed and GMP certified manufacturing facility. Zeolite Associates are one of the world’s premier manufacturers of zeolite supplements!  Making & Selling Zeolite for nearly 19 Years!.

  • Pure Zeolite Drops™ 100% natural - 100% safe - 100% amazing
  • Removes toxic chemicals and heavy metals fast
  • No toxic chemicals or reagents are used in creating this product
  • Start Feeling Great in as little as 3 days
  • Independent 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • 100% Vegan Formula
  • All Natural. Non-GMO Ingredients
  • GMP Compliant Certified Manufacturing
  • Manufactured in the USA

Benefits of Pure Zeolite Drops:

·         Heavy Metals Detox (Safely Removes Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, and more …)

·         Detoxes Environmental Toxins

·         Helps Relieve Unpleasant Symptoms 

·         Natural Immune System Modulator

        The humic/fulvic mineral solution delivers the zeolite directly to the intracellular fluid. There, the humic minerals further act to remove the heavy metals out of the cells so that they can be absorbed by the zeolite and carried out of your body. And finally, humic/fulvic complex contains all of the minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids that your cells require for optimum functioning. So the most important thing for you to know if you wish to detoxify with zeolite is that you must choose a humic/fulvic zeolite type of product.  

        The BEST and NEWEST formulation of "Zeolite Liquid"...

        A clathrate is a crystalline cage structure capable of including another compound within its own structure. Pure Zeolite Drops™ has an unique crystalline lattice structure that literally wraps around toxic molecules with irreversible bonds, preventing additional reactions with tissues or organs as it is eliminated from the body.  Pure Zeolite Drops™ incorporates clathration to effectively, naturally, and gently remove all contaminants – all of which collect in the cells of the body, brain/cerebral, blood, spinal fluid and lymphatic fluid: heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, and aluminum), toxic chemicals, toxins, vaccine residues, pesticides, and many others. Pure Zeolite Drops™ help your body maintain optimum alkalinity, proper normalized pH levels and helps supercharge your immune system. It helps support a strong immune system and reduces toxic overload by removing toxins, chemicals & heavy metals.

        Benefits Far Better than JUST Detoxifying...

        • Helps improve the general state of health
        • Detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals and toxins
        • Helps re-mineralize the body
        • Acts as a free-radical reducer
        • Prevents pre-mature aging
        • Supports immune system function
        • Reduce cancer risk by removing heavy metals & toxins
        • Reduces symptoms of allergies
        • May improve mood
        • Helps balance pH
        • Boosts energy levels
        • Increases vitamin and mineral absorption
        • Lower the risk of acid reflux
        • Safe for long-term use
        • 100% natural - no additives or chemical reagents
        • Easy to take - no taste or smell - just add to water & drink

        ''The most important supplement you may EVER take!"